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Essential Shots of Pickleball Third Shot Drop

Essential Shots of Pickleball 

Third Shot Drops

Every pickleball match begins with a serve and a (hopefully) deep return to the baseline. Each team is trying to take control of the net, so what comes after the return of serve is critical. A common shot, executed by the serving team, is known as the THIRD SHOT DROP SHOT.

Last session we practiced dinking; the third shot drop is basically just a longer dink from back deep in the court.

The drop shot can be one of the most challenging shots to hit consistently since the return of serve usually comes in quickly and is generally placed deep in the court. Keep in mind when you’re practicing this shot that even the most experience pickleball players find it to be challenging.

Here are some simple steps to help you execute a perfect third shot drop:

1. Stay low, bend your knees and get under the ball.

2. Keep your swing path moving low to high.

3. Shorten your backswing – a big backswing will mess with your timing.

4. Give yourself a good margin of error by aiming 4-6 inches over the top of the net.

May 27, Saturday on the Court 11am in Liberty Clubhouse

May’s edition of Saturday on the court session will be how to choose the proper paddle for you, as well as how to adapt an existing paddle to your style of play. We will go over putting on weights on the paddle to alter it to your needs,  plus showing you the proper way to change your grip or over grip on your existing paddle. We will also discuss when to change your paddle to a new one or to do some basic repairs as well. 

Just show up …. No need to register 

Dinking Essential Shots of Pickleball

Dinks – The What, Why, How, and When

What exactly is a Dink? - A shot that is hit with an upward trajectory, that lands just over the net in your opponent’s NVZ (or kitchen). It’s a finesse shot – not easy to do. It’s what is called “the soft game”. Dinking sets up winning shots.

Why do you think we would want to dink?

• Slow the game down – take away a high-powered or hard hitting game from your opponents.

• Take away a player’s ability to drive the ball

• Levels the playing field

• Dinking sets up point

• If your opponent is tall – dinking will force them to have to bend low

– takes away the smash out of their game.

• Almost every player can hit the ball hard, but not every player can hit

the ball soft with precision and purpose. It takes a lot of practice and


• Dinking is an excellent tactic which can help you become a complete


• 85% of all points in Pickleball are won at the NVZ – so learn how to

be a master dinker!

The How –

• Knees bent, feet should width apart in an athletic stance

Upcoming Musical featuring Pickleball addicted Members

Consider going on an evening out with a chance to see fellow PB club members show off their other talents

Fellow pickle ball addicts, did you know some of the players you see on the court (Tom Lee, Bill "GQ Bill" Henggeler, and Vic DeBlasio)) are also appearing in the Performing Arts Club production of If These Walls . . . .? It's a Dramedy with music that promises an entertaining time for all of you. So please come out and support our fellow pickle-addicted members by buying your tickets for either the April 28th or April 29th performance. 


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Details on how to get tickets for performance

Serves and Return Essential Shots of Pickleball

Essential Shots of Pickleball 

 – Beginner Week 1 – Serve and Return of Serve

Serve – Develop good mechanics so later you can add spin and pace to your serve

• Transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot is KEY to getting maximum power

• Serve and rotate hips and shoulders for maximum efficiency and power

• Stance – start with a closed or semi-open stance. This will help with the

rotation and swing path of low to high.

• During serve, have a full, relaxed swing throughout your entire serve

motion – don’t muscle the ball.

• Watch your grip pressure – should be loose and relaxed (3-4 pressure on a

scale of 1-10)

• When serving, swing with a relaxed motion, starting with a loose/relaxed


• Swing path – (right-handed players) Start at right knee, ending by left

shoulder (opposite for left-handed players)

• When working on your serve mechanics, make sure to start off with a slow

swing (about 25% of max power).

• Backswing – start with a small to medium backswing for a more efficient

serve (by hip or knee)

Jen Carlson Pre and Post Game Stretch

Pickleball Warm-up & Post-Stretches


Common Injuries: Ankle sprain; Achille’s tendonitis; Hamstring/Quadricep strain; Shoulder & wrist strains.☹

*Other typical discomforts include Knee & Back pain;Hip pain

* Injuries due to falling (fractures)


Before Playing: We know that WARM muscles are less prone to injury so ideally, try a Few minutes of “Dynamic Warm-ups” before getting on the courts.

Examples: For Large Muscle Groups: Jog in place; Jumping Jacks; Jump Rope; High Knees; Butt kicks; side steps; “knee-to-chest/Quad stretch”

For back: “cat/cow” stretch (hands & knees, alternate arching and rounding back)

Additional Movements: *Trunk rotations *Arm rotations (small to large)

Essential Shots of Pickleball Clinic

Essential Shots of Pickleball Clinic 

April 5- May 3, 2023

This 5 week clinic will be designed to help the Novice and developing Intermediate Players play better pickleball.  Instruction given by Larry Strumwasser plus 3 volunteers  to help all . *Bring your paddles, proper shoes, eye protection and water . 

Courts 1-4 

Week 1 - Serve and Return of Serve

Week 2 - Dinks and Volleys

Week 3 - 3rd and 5th shot options

Week 4 -  Lobs and Return of Lobs

Week 5 - Court Strategy and Overview 

You will need to enroll for each week that you plan to attend.  Class Size will be limited to 24 players.

Cost - Free  Registration Opens March 25


Special Event Paddle Demo Day This Saturday 11am

April 1, 2023 Special Event

Paddle Demo and History of the paddle which will include the best of today’s equipment. This will be followed by various paddle manufacturers available with paddles for you to demo as well as answer any questions you may have about their products.  Courts 1-2 will be available for you to demo their paddles.  No need to enroll - just show up.  Please bring your SCA card to borrow demo paddles  

Court 3 at 11:00am sharp......Free raffle ticket will be given……you may even win a paddle or prize!

Should be a Great Event!



Please be advised that the FUN LEAGUE PLAYOFFS/CHAMPIONSHIPS will be on Thursday, March 16 with the INTERMEDIATE 'PLAYOFFS' between Flight A & B starting at 12:00 (High Noon!) - All playing in the INTERMEDIATE PLAYOFFS are asked to be at the courts by 11:30 a.m. to sign in. 

ADVANCED, BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE 'CHAMPIONSHIP' GAMES WILL BEGIN at 12:45 p.m. All playing in the 'CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS'  are asked to be at the courts by 11:45 to sign in. 

PLEASE SEE THE 'FUN LEAGUE FORMATS' for each Division (Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner) under 'Leagues'/'Spring Fun League' on the SCA PICKLEBALL WEBSITE.

UPDATE: Please DISREGARD the info in the Pickleball Newsletter and original Fun League Flyer stating the playoffs were starting at 11:00.