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Congratulations to the New Club Board!

The Club's new Board is as follows with their term beginning January 1, 2023:

President - Mike Messenger

Vice-President - Joan Moore

Secretary - Sharon Proctor

Treasurer - Neal Husak

At-large - Ruby Leong

At-large - Larry Strumwasser

At-large - Sheila Gillis

2023 will be an exciting year for the Club and the new Board will need your help and support throughout the year.  Let's make this coming year a big success for the Club.


USO Charity Event

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to our USO Charity Round Robin today --- we raised more than $1,200 to help this worthy organization.  They are in need of volunteers - if you are able to give time, please check them out at USO

Thank you again for a fun-filled day!

See you on the courts!

Electrolyte Replacement Info

I thought this was a great chart to illustrate the electrolytes you loose in sweat and what you choose to replace those lost electrolytes.  And you should be able to see that water alone won't do the trick.  Please be safe with any activities that you are doing in the heat (i.e. - hiking, cycling, pickleball, tennis etc.).    Replace those lost electrolytes!!!