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A guide to Self-rating or Assessing your own Pickleball skills.

How to Access the new document:  A guide to Self-rating or Assessing your own Pickleball skills

AT the general membership meeting last night, some members reported they had not been able to find or access the pickleball skills document from the website. To access this document, please read the introduction describing why we have chosen to explore the development of a ratings system below , At the end of this section we have provided instructions  on  how to get to the skills document, download it, and hopefully post comments or questions you may have.

Introduction: Why Develop a Pickleball Skills Rating System??

As our club membership and number of courts increase, there is a growing need to categorize players into skill levels. As many other clubs throughout the country have found out, this is a way to maximize the enjoyment of its members. To test this idea for SCA, we developed a short survey to gauge potential support for an optional rating systems and asked members for their input. The results showed 67% of the members supported the development of a ratings system (74 out of 111)

Given this result, and input from other members who have supported the development of a skills system, a pickleball club committee was formed by the new Board to suggest that we have a way to rate players into 4 categories: Novice, Level C, Level B and Level A. The ratings would ONLY be used to organize the various club events such as tournaments, leagues, ladder meet-ups, etc. Normal rec play would still proceed as it does currently, with no regard to rating.


The method of rating a player is straight forward. Each player will rate her/himself according to a subjective set of skills guidelines published by the club. If a player finds he/she is overmatched by other players with the same rating, the player can voluntarily re-rate her/himself into a less competitive level. If a player would like to move up to a more competitive level of B or A, a published skills test will be administered by a pickleball club volunteer so as to provide an objective standard for rating a player. 


You can access/download a draft of the Pickleball skill guidelines for your review by clicking on this link


Or you can go to the club home page, click on the documents icon, and then select the skills and lessons category and click on view to see the doc entitled ,” A guide to self-rating or assessing your own Pickleball skills” 

Later we plan to send out our proposed process for administering on the court assessments on an objective basis to allow for the possibility that members may want to move up a level sometime after their initial self-rating. Setting up this process may take some time and resources so we wanted to start with just the simple self-rating development before moving on to the more difficult process of setting up an objective rating system to be used to potentially change a member’s skill levels up or down. 


If you have any questions or comments about this skills document,  just use the contact us feature on the website,  and choose “Club rating questions” and an email will be automatically be sent to Larry Strumwasser and Mario Najera. Thank you