Toast our Good Fortune - SCA/Club Rule reminders for the New Year

As we end another year, it’s important to be reminded of our good fortune here at the SCA Pickleball Club. 

Compared to other communities, our pickleball facilities are available and open to our members with little or no wait times. SCA has unlocked gates and few surveillance cameras. The Club has numerous "meet up" times daily; arranging a game and daily court reservations are unnecessary. SCA merely asks that you register your guests. But, there are no guest fees, colored wrist bands nor guest parking restrictions that some encounter elsewhere.  

Yes, there is much to be grateful for. But, can we maintain this environment?

SCA and the Club rely on an honor system for compliance with our rules. Simply put, members and residents "are trusted to act honestly and therefore are not directly monitored, even though some members might obtain a benefit from acting dishonestly." So, what do we need to tighten up as we start 2020?

Rule Reminders: This season's rule reminders are as follows: 

  1. You may not sell paddles and equipment

Club members have reported that a few individuals are selling paddles and equipment on SCA pickleball courts. Such activities are in violation of the SCA CCG&R’s.

  1. There are no individuals or businesses approved by SCA to provide training services for a charge or fee

Club members have reported that a few individuals are selling training services for a charge or fee to individual members on SCA pickleball courts. SCA Fitness Department reports that no individual or business has been registered to teach pickleball training classes for a fee or charge on SCA pickleball courts.

Remember, it is attention to the little things that makes our environment great. The Club's membership expects all members and residents to comply with SCA/Club Rules & Regulations.The above business activities are in violation of the SCA CCG&R’s and the individuals involved should be reported to SCA Fitness Department for appropriate sanctioning. (See CCG&R’s below)

  1. Request for Courtesy

If you are using your ball machine on SCA courts, please consider using the back courts and set up next to an adjacent, vacant court when possible. Be considerate of Club members in their daily play. 

     4. Register your Guests

Please register all guests at the Liberty Center Desk - protect them, yourself and SCA. 

Thank you and Best wishes for Happy Holidays! 

Mike Corbett, President

2019 SCA Pickleball Club



FYI - From the SCA CCG&R's


6.5 Sales Activities

A. Club members may not promote or sell products or services from their personal businesses to club members.

C. Clubs may sell supplies related to club purposes to its members at a reasonable markup to fund club operations.

6.4 Dealing with Vendors and Contracting

A. Clubs may need the services of vendors, e.g., caterers, entertainers, instructors, workshop leaders, play directors, or other service providers (vendors), whether the services are provided on or off SCA property. Clubs will do all necessary work to select the vendor, define the services, determine the fees, etc., and will give a completed Vendor Service Agreement Worksheet (Appendix J) to the Activities Department at least 30 days before the event or commencement of the service.

B. Anything provided by a club member, or a club member’s business entity, to the club, for which they would be compensated, constitutes a service. This service must be approved in advance by the club’s board, and then approved by the CLC. The decision must be officially recorded in club board meeting minutes and reported to the club’s general membership. If the service is to continue in subsequent years, annual approval must be given by the club’s board and the CLC.

Additional information available in the SCA CCGR’s and Rules & Regulations