Winner Declared in Team “Fun” League’s 4th Year

Opening Day; 2020 Team Pickleball Fun League

Winner Declared in Team “Fun” League’s 4th Year

“Mixed Nuts” Sweeps 2020 League Schedule

Almost 100 Members had “FUN”

“Mixed Nuts” (a.k.a. Team 8) swept the Winter Team Pickleball “Fun” League schedule in winning all six of its matches.  The final week was canceled due to the closing of SCA Facilities by the Coronavirus.

“Mixed Nuts” was Co-Captained by Linda Lau and Jan Healing. Players also Included: Marcia Loss, Katrina Heath, Rod Lyons, Scot Anderson, Dave Hunter and Rick Shine. The team will be honored at a future club social event.  “Heavy Dinkers” (Team 1) and “Pickleball Posse” (Team 6) finished in a tie for second place with identical 5-1 records. Eight teams participated in League play. 

The Club’s Team “Fun” League has operated six leagues in the past four years. Winning teams display similar characteristics:  consistency, player progress, ability to score points in losing games, near perfect attendance and great teamwork. Kudos to the "Mixed Nuts” and all participating teams and nearly 100 members.

Who also played

“Heavy Dinkers” (Team 1) was Co-Captained by Linda Krause and Jerry Edelman.  Players also included: Nancy Shutts, Linda Ayala, Nikki Sullivan, Ben Flores, Barry Woroner and Marc Soskin.

“Strong Fist” (Team 2) was Co-Captained by Linda Fontaine and Victor Izakson.  Players also included: Carolyn Swanepoel, Marti Morris, Barbara Bell, Victor CarrNahmias, Julius Hirsch and Doug Bell.

“All Stars” (Team 3) was led by Co-Captains Marilyn Griffin and Neal Husak. Players also included: Celeste Baroletti, Gail Brito-Watson, Connie Gallatin, Bill Henggeler, Allan Tsao and Ken Gallatin.

“Lob Squad” (Team 4) was Co-Captained by Sue Nesheim and Robert Poinselle. Players also included Ginny Young, Jacki Duncan, Linda Avello, Peter Fox, St. John Martin and Mike Rosenbach.

“The Dinks” (Team 5) was anchored by Co-Captains Vicki Swenson and Peter Brown. Players also included:  Alison Chinn, Darlene Neberman, Cyndy Hunter, Mike Loss, David Morris and John Lewis.

“Pickleball Posse” (Team 6) was led by Co-Captains Ellen Ramirez, Lisa Serban and Ken Healing. Players also included: Claire Veyveris, Marie Morisky, Steve Lovitt, Bobby Duncan, Ronald Lawrick and John Avello.

“Fine Whines” (Team 7) was Co-Captained by Debbie Hatch and Mark Segal. Players also included: Jane Gerhart, Jan Stahl, Susan Poinselle, Craig Smith, Bob Neberman and Bruce Gordon.

Substitutes and Co-Captains make League work

Substitutes are necessary contributors to Fun League play. A total of 28 members served as substitutes enabling the League to function seamlessly. Substitutes included: Sharon Telford-Procter, Jeff Chen, Vera Panjanon, Susie Lewis, Paul Myers, Penny Wells, Ruby Leong, Sue Namgeanfer, Sheila Gillis, Linda Silber, Alvin Li, Jan Bruce, Janet Pyle, Susan Tener, Caron Ely, Eileen Miller, Barb Lawrick, Mary Hwang, Dave Deutsch, Janis Sexton, George Ottensmeyer, Bruce Thurston, Lorrie Caldwell, Dorothy Thompson, Joan Moore, Judy Casper, Greg Heath, Larry Strumwasser, .

The League is dependent on lady and men co-captains for each team. Co-captains identify weekly substitutes, oversee game and match scoring and ensure that referees are assigned to each game. They also mentor and encourage their players to make progress in their workouts and knowledge of the game. Co-Captains were Sue Nesheim, Robert Poinselle, Debbie Hatch, Mark Segal, Ellen Ramirez, Lisa Serban, Ken Healing, Linda Fontaine, Victor Izakson, Vicki Swenson, Peter Brown, Linda Krause, Jerry Edelman, Marilyn Griffin, Neal Husak, Linda Lau and Jan Healing.

Thank you

Mike Corbett, League Founder and “Fun” League Commissioner, thanks all players for their enthusiasm for "Fun” League play; and to Co-captains and their willingness to accept their players, mentor them in learning the game and developing their skills. Thank you to 2020 Board of Directors (President Caron Ely, Vice President Janet Pyle and Secretary/Treasurer Susan Tener) for providing their enthusiastic support of league operations and ensuring the provision of player refreshments. Thank you to Larry Strumwasser, our Club photographer, for documenting this and all Club events. 

Keep your strong American faith. Club members will be playing again soon. Mike Corbett, League Commissioner