7 Shots of Pickleball "3" Sessions

This is a three session, "7 Shots of Pickleball" training series. Instruction is about 20-30 minutes. All members welcome. 

Session 1: Serve & Return of Serve (Shots 1 & 2) - Wednesday, June 9, 7 pm, Court 5 (Upper)

Session 2: Drop Shots, Dinks & Volleys (Shots 3,4 & 5) - Friday, June 11, 7 pm, Court 5

Session 3: Lobs & Overheads (Shots 6 & 7) - Monday, June 14, 7 pm, Court 5

A club official will be on hand to discuss pickleball rules, etiquette and playing information for New Players. 

Dink-A-Thon Winners

Winners of the Dink-A-Thon

We would like to congratulate the WINNERS of our 2nd Annual Pickleball Tournament.

First Place - Ric Enge

Second Place - Jennifer Carlson

Third Place - Paul Myers

We would also like to thank Jacki & Bobby Duncan for putting this all together for us!

A final thank you to those who volunteered to referee the games.

We had lots of fun on the courts!


Saturday, April 3

Open to ALL Members - Enrollment/Registration begins March 12, 2021 at 10am on our website calendar

2021 Team "Fun" League Summary

Fun League Logo

Team Pickleball "Fun" League Completes 5th Season despite COVID

Thank you to all

The Team Pickleball “Fun” League completed its 5th Season at “Recreation Week” play on February 20. The Fun League is a new player and early player development event sponsored by the Club since 2017. All in all, 6 weeks and 18 matches were played with over half of the matches having a difference of one point per the 12 games played in each match. Thirty of the 48 players had never played in the Team Fun League prior to this season. .

Rules you should know - Selling Pickleball Equipment and/or Training Services


6.5 Sales Activities

A. Club members may not promote or sell products or services from their personal businesses to club members.

C. Clubs may sell supplies related to club purposes to its members at a reasonable markup to fund club operations.

6.4 Dealing with Vendors and Contracting

A. Clubs may need the services of vendors, e.g., caterers, entertainers, instructors, workshop leaders, play directors, or other service providers (vendors), whether the services are provided on or off SCA property. Clubs will do all necessary work to select the vendor, define the services, determine the fees, etc., and will give a completed Vendor Service Agreement Worksheet (Appendix J) to the Activities Department at least 30 days before the event or commencement of the service.